The Horn Factory is a collective of young, gifted, hard-working session musicians, arrangers and recording engineers, who specialize in creating tight, exciting horn tracks for a wide variety of commercial music productions. Because of our stylistic versatility, technological sophistication and efficient workflow, we are the global music industry's PREMIER one-stop shop for world-class horn arrangements, recordings, and mixing services.

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Why Choose The Horn Factory?

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Well-equipped studio space in East Van
  • In-house arrangers
  • In-house recording engineers
  • Top call session musicians
  • Cost-effective
  • Stylistically versatile & flexible
  • Multi-instrumentalists + experienced over-dubbers = BIG SOUND!
  • Unusual instruments available by special request (Alphorn, bassoon, etc.)
  • Scores of satisfied clients, including platinum-selling artists, hit television shows, and award-winning film composers
Instagram @thehornfactoryvancouver

The Horn Factory LIVE is an exciting concert and workshop experience for music lovers and students of all ages. Driven by a world-class horn section and anchored by a funkalicious rhythm section, THF LIVE plays music that celebrates our human condition by finding Joy in the Groove.

Repertoire includes original music as well as selections from Roy Hargrove, Maceo Parker, Tower of Power, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Freddie Hubbard, Stevie Wonder.

THF LIVE features many of Canada’s finest musicians, all of whom are also dedicated and experienced educators:

Jim Hopson - trombone, vocals

Michael Kim - trumpet, flugelhorn

Brent Mah - sax/woodwinds

Tom Keenlyside - sax/woodwinds

Jared Richardson - keyboards, vocals

Alex Flock - guitar, vocals

Matt Reid - bass, vocals

Mike Michalkow - drums

We have a wide variety of performance and workshop packages tailored to suit festivals and schools of any size/budget, and can provide our own live sound system for most bookings if required.

THF LIVE’s concert and workshop experience typically includes a 45-65 minute performance set, followed by an interactive workshop (or series of workshops) on the following topics:

Creativity Within the Groove

Layer by layer, THF LIVE builds a groovy new tune on-the-spot using ideas and input from the workshop participants. Along the way, participants learn how different elements of the song interact with each other, and discover creative pathways to musical expression.

Musical Improvisation as Conversation Through demonstration, discussion, and guided participation, THF members reveal their varied approaches to developing an improvisational vocabulary. Participants will leave the workshop feeling inspired to take new musical risks!

The Joy of Practice

THF members share their secrets to effective, engaging and FUN practice sessions. Participants will leave the workshop feeling inspired to practice with increased quality, frequency, and JOY!

Learn With the Masters

Sectional clinics with members of THF, focused on improving technique, ensemble skills, and musicianship for wind instrumentalists and rhythm section players.


Concert & Workshop Experience

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