This page is for trombonists/gear-heads. Here is a list of the tools of my trade***:

Alto Trombone

Yamaha 871 Custom (’85)

Tenor Trombone

ACME Custom King 3B SilverSonic

Conn 32H (’52)

Conn 78H custom convertible

BAC Custom 32H slide

Conn 48H (’58) with 5G valve section

Conn 24H (’42)

Getzen 4147IB

Bach 36 Greenhoe

Bass Trombone

Shires Custom (TruBore)


Mack Brass 1150 Compensating

Bass Trumpet

John Packer 2053

Josef Lidl Piston Bass Trumpet


Jupiter XO CC

Wessex Bombino EEb


RMA Custom


I play and enthusiastically endorse Harrison Wedge Mouthpieces.

97C, Yamaha Nils Landgren (Wedge rim), 101GS, 114D, Helleberg 7B, PT-50

Bass Guitar

Fender Jazz Bass (fretless)

EBMM Stingray 5

Kala U-Bass

Fender PJ Bass Special Edition

Nordstand Acinonyx V1

Tech Gear

AMT P808 Microphone w/ Q7 Mini wireless system (trombone) - Highly recommended!

Townsend Sphere L22 studio modelling mic system

Aston Stealth broadcast mic

Shure GLXD14/WB98H wireless system (trombone)

Shure PG14/PG185 wireless system (tuba)

Galaxy AS-900 in-ear monitors

Radial Bassbone DI (tuba & bass)

TC Electronic BG250-115 amp (tuba & bass)

Carvin AG300 Combo Amp

Effect pedals by TC Electronic and Broughton Audio

For Sale - USED

Shires 2YM T47 Custom trombone - $4500 obo

***disclaimer: having good equipment does not replace the need to practice (and practice, and practice!). These are just tools - they don’t work by themselves, so you have to know how to use them properly!

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