Flock & Hopson

'West Coast Nights' is a brand new debut album from the Vancouver-based duo Flock & Hopson! Featuring beautiful melodies and smooth grooves, this is an instrumental jazz album produced with a pop/commercial aesthetic. Easy listening with a distinctly West Coast flavour!

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Alex Flock

Acoustic and electric guitars

Alex Flock is a versatile guitarist based in Vancouver, BC. Over the years Alex has received various awards and accolades for his playing, most recently taking home the “Rock the Mic” title with his original project Best Night Ever. He also placed 3rd at the 2012 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, a prestigious competition judged by some of today’s top fingerstyle guitarists. A few performance highlights include providing entertainment for various high profile functions during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, performing at the 2013 Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington and playing for the 2013 Lights of Hope w/ Malcolm Aiken and Amanda Wood. Whether playing an intimate solo show or plugging in and getting loud, Alex brings an intensity to each performance that you don’t want to miss!


Jim Hopson

Trombone, tuba, voice, bass

Born in to a family of professional musicians, he began his musical training at age three. He moved to Vancouver in 2007, after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Trombone Performance (with distinction) at the University of Victoria, studying with the great Canadian trombonist Ian McDougall. Effortlessly eclectic, he plays the entire low brass family of instruments, plus Swiss alphorn and bass guitar. He is also in demand as a composer, arranger, and educator. Jim’s musical journey has taken him throughout the world: Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Mexico. His playing has been broadcast on local, national, and international radio & television.


Flock & Hopson is a collaboration between Vancouver-based musicians Jim Hopson (trombone, low brass) and Alexander Flock (guitar). Alex and Jim are both extremely busy and versatile freelance players with diverse interests and influences. Flock & Hopson's music is easy-listening jazz - mellow grooves overlaid with funky guitar solos and gorgeous melodies.

High Praise for West Coast Nights:

‘This recording displays a high level of musicianship - in arranging and performance. The interplay in the sparse instrumentation is so subtle that it's enjoyed on many different levels. I am enjoying this recording between Alex and Jim greatly and already anticipating their future work.’

- Alex Meixner, Grammy-nominated accordionist

‘Bravo to you and Alex on your very fine new album!’

- Gordon Cherry, principal trombone, Vancouver Symphony (retired)

‘Congrats on an absolutely wonderful set.....never boring... really nice and vocal solos - and generous and clear balances...’

  1. -Jeremy Berkman, principal trombone, Vancouver Opera Orchestra

‘I bought WEST COAST NIGHTS after the concert on Bowen Island last Sunday.  What a sage purchase! I knew I was in good hands less than a minute into “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.”  But you and Mr. Flock really sank the hook deep with track two.  My son-in-law Heron, whom I love, is from Niteroi, and I am a lifelong fan of Brazilian music in general and Tom Jobim in particular, so you will be unsurprised to hear that by now, at 67, I have heard hundreds of versions of “Corcovado.”  Many hundreds.  I honestly did not believe it was possible for anyone to show me a side of that track I haven’t already heard, but you and Mr. Flock actually managed to make me cry.

Thank you for the hard work and honest emotion you put into your music.  The effort matters, and is appreciated.  WEST COAST NIGHTS is a flawless gem, and you are a distinguished member of the brotherhood of breath.  I look forward to your next.  To your next dozen.  You put it down, I’ll pick it up.’

- Spider Robinson, Hugo Award-winning author

Weddings and Corporate Events

Flock & Hopson are now available for weddings ceremonies, receptions, and corporate events. Please click on our brochure below for details!